About Me

Hi! My name is Ron and I am a freelance web designer from the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area. I specialize in websites that are functional across all digital platforms from mobile, tablet and desktop devices. This allows you to have a clean, inviting and affordable website that can be accessed from anywhere.

I started web design in 2006 and built great relationships with many clients. I received my HTML web development certificate from Etaware LLC in 2010.

All of my websites are created using Adobe software, HTML & CSS.

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The Design Process
Working together, we’ll create a plan to understand the vision of your brand at the most affordable price.
Designing the most beautiful custom website that will best represent your brand for your business or personal needs.
Web design is setup and tested across all interfaces including mobile, tablet and desktop functionality.
Website Launch
Once everything is running smoothly after testing has been finished, I will notify you to determine a launch date.
You're more than welcome to maintain your own website, however I do offer services to make sure everything is up to date for you.
Why do I need a mobile website?

If you had to guess, how much website traffic would you say is primarily done through a mobile device?

As of early 2016, statistics show that 65% of all website browsing is done through mobile devices.

That means if your website isn't mobile-ready, there is a good change that 65% of all internet users WILL NOT stay on your website.

I make it easy for you to head in that direction.
If you're looking to start a website, revamp or simply make your current website, mobile-friendly, then I look forward to hearing from you.